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Carpal Tunnel for Musicians – Quick Tip

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Hey there fellow music peeps, hope your day is going well.

This was me, in pain trying to play the guitar with carpal tunnel.

This was me, in pain trying to play the guitar with carpal tunnel.

Firstly i want to thank you for being part of the music music store community.  We couldn’t do this without you and therefore we are very grateful for your continued support.

Secondly I want to say that, while I hope your day is going well, my day is not going so well.  I’m an avid guitar player and piano player, but today I was struck with a very, very bad bout of carpal tunnel.  I wasn’t able to play anything all day!

While I’ve had some bouts of this before, nothing came close to the severity this time around, so I want to give you some quick advice if you’ve ever faced the same problem.  While this is just a quick 3-step scenario, I think it’s very helpful, at least until you get it check out more thoroughly.

First off, don’t make it worse.  If you are feeling pain, stop playing.  Unless you are in a gig thats going to pay your rent this month, you can give it a bit of a rest.

Secondly, do some stretches.  A quick google search will show you some exercises, but you’ll probably know which stretches help you feel better intuitively.

Thirdly, do some research.  I found a great musician carpal tunnel article from a bass player and it really helped me out.

Anyway, if you’ve ever faced a bout like I have ( and I hope you never do, follow those quick 3 steps and you should be on a better road.  I’ve heard of people going to the extremes of surgery to get rid of carpal tunnel, but I hope that’s not necessary for me.